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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Catching Up on Celtic Solstice and the Final Reveal

Now, with the Holidays officially over, catching up on the Celtic Solstice steps 4 & 5 was an easy task.

Step 4 consisted of making green and orange 4 patches.  


Step 5 used the remaining Half Square Triangles left from Step 3 and added white "wings" and a blue triangle to make a very stunning block.

Both Step 4 and Step 5 went together quickly and easily. Here are the completed units all stacked up waiting their place in the quilt.

I wasn't expecting the final steps and reveal to all come together in Step 6, but there it was! A New Years Day Surprise!
The smaller units made in Steps 1 through 5 were combined into Two different blocks and a pieced border.

 This is the Block A unit called 54-40 or Fight! Easy to assemble. Just had to keep your head on straight and keep the units going in the right direction. Much easier said than done.

Block B is Bonnies "Birthday Girl Block" from 100 blocks Vol. 2. Here they are laid out to be stitched. You can see one completed in the background laying on the notebook that holds all the mystery clues. The Block A units are finished and safely stored in a giant zip bag showing in the left rear next to the finished B Block.

One of the great things about Bonnie' Mysteries is that her patterns fit together beautifully. If you at least attempt to measure, cut and sew with a reasonable degree of accuracy they FIT.
And at long last, the units went together to create this totally FUN quilt. A small inner border of white/neutral was added. Then the pieced border assembled from the remaining units created using the Tri Recs rulers in Step1.
Presenting....drum roll please.....Celtic Solstice.... ta da!
Now the real challenge is to find backing that compliments this and get it quilted!
Until next time....happy quilting everyone!