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As an avid fabric enthusiast, a blog about quilts and all things fabric just seemed the obvious thing to do.

Crocheted Items

Crochet is my "Other" addiction after Quilting. Unfortunately I don't have many photos of my creations. But then, I have only been crocheting for about 8 years, so don't really have that much to show. Here are a few pictures of some of the things I have done.

This is a sweet little baby blanket crocheted for my second granddaughter. The picture makes the color look variegated or faded, but it is isn't. It's just a bad photo. lol The blanket is made from a beautiful pale pink baby yarn. Oh, so soft!

This is a beach set for one of my daughters. There was also a commercially purchased towel and sandals /thongs to along with the set. The CROCHETED bag  stretches to hold all the contents quite well.  I have made several of these bags in various colors and yarns to use as grocery totes. Most have been made from cotton yarn and can easily be thrown in the washer and dryer. They hold up well and are very useful.

Ok, so EVERYBODY made fun of my cute little hat! But I do wear it walking in the winter. The pic was taken for a craft presentation of some of the things I do. Yes, I made the baskets and the quilt and table runner, also.

I made THREE of these jackets for our daughters. One is in White and one in Black yarn. Guess I should make one for myself! 

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  1. I enjoyed your pics. You are one crafty lady! ;)
    I have knitted (literally) as long as i remeber, taught myself to crochet some years ago and am now learning to quilt and make bags and wallets.