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Sunday, July 15, 2012

King and Red Barn Progress

Where does the time go? It seems that June and July have just flown by. Not sure what took up all the time.  Most days are spent in my little sewing room working on some project or another. Problem is, there just isn't enough to show for the time.  Any way a little progress has been made on the big "King" project....the two little throw pillows are finally completed. The Shams are well under construction, with the tops completed; but not quilted yet.
Didn't realize that the one was almost falling off the table until after the photo was taken. The pillow forms haven't had time to 'seat' themselves. Thought about sitting on the pillows for awhile before taking the pictures, but didn't want to waste any more time!
These are quilted, but it doesn't show up in the photo.  Hopefully, by the end of next week the shams will be completed. It is seriously time for this entire project to be completed.

Also, worked on the Red Barn Quilt squares some. The Black and Red Rooster blocks are pieced and ready for the applique stitching to be done.

I followed the color layout in the pattern, then realized....Chickens don't have BLACK legs! Oh, well, makes for a more interesting conversation piece. 
The fence and lamb sections are next. Then it will just be a matter of setting the pieces with the sashing units.  Still looking for the perfect backing fabric.

It's been a tough summer on the garden with temps in the upper 90's and over 100° for weeks.
But, here is your garden variety inspiration photo for this session:

 Concentrating on interesting shapes this time. Yes, this really is a mature cucumber. It is an heirloom variety called a Lemon Cucumber. Lemon only in shape and color; it tastes just like any other plain old cucumber.
Here is a close-up...not exactly round, but close. Lots of variation in color and highlights, and texture.
So it may not inspire you to do a lemon yellow quilt, but who knows...some day that idea might resurface. Then  you can say, "Oh, dang! She got me after all!" LOL :-) 

Tomorrow is a "Big City Civilization" run for my machine to get it's annual servicing. That means a fun  lunch out with a sewing buddy and stops at all the quilt and craft shops in the area!

Have a fun rest of July!

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