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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The King and his Entourage and Barns

It has only taken months, but the king is conquered and FINALLY at home on his throne with his Entourage!
The King and his Entourage
I posted photos along the journey of the quilt top construction, the little square pillows and the shams; but it is finally officially ALL complete and in place. The color and lighting is a little off in the photo, but it all works very well together in the room.  It feels like the weight of the world has been lifted from me now that this is complete.

And, yes there have been other projects along the way. Remember the "Little Red Barns" quilt and all the barns and rooster photos? Well, the Little Red Barn Quilt Top is complete. It is laying atop the Queen sized bed in the guest room waiting to be sandwiched and quilted. That is where I took it's photo also. It gives you a good idea of just how big this fabulous throw came out. I really need to run some sort of line outside to hang my quilts from to get decent photos....that and a new camera. But at  the moment I would rather spend my money on fabric. LOL
Without further delay...Ta DA....the Little Red Barns quilt TOP:

Little Red Barns Quilt Top waiting to be sandwiched and quilted.

That's about all I have been up to lately. Until next post, hope all of you have SEW much fun!

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