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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Just some other sewing stuff........

A few weeks ago it became apparent that the sewing room had to be cleaned up and the fabrics re-sorted and scraps given a new storage home. So, in an 'overachiever' moment I started by tackeling the scraps. If you remember in a blog right before Christmas last year, I posted a quilt made for my son-in-law to be used as a beach blanket. That quilt with the exception of the backing, binding and a few strips was made up entirely from leftover pieces from his son's tummy time quilts and some fabrics from my ever dwindling stash. I really though that that project would us up all of my scraps, but it didn't. If anything it just created more...just smaller. So, in this sorting frenzy, I taped plastic grocery store bags to my sewing table, labled each by color and started stuffing!
Yes, there is a lot of scrap there! AND at the time this photo was taken, I still had a ways to go.
Just for the record, these are small scraps to be used for mostly string blocks. If a piece was big enough to be a 'strip' or a 'charm' it went into a different container.
After I managed to get all of this sorted, the real delima became obvious. WHAT on earth was I going to store these in????? There were no available storage bins and run to the store was out of the question. (It's 40 miles one way to anyplace that would have storage bins.)  So, being a semi resourceful person, I decided to use what was available. I had been given some of the heavy zipper bags that sheets and bath mats, etc come in. And I had a huge one that my king sized sheets had come in. These worked out great. It's still a temporary arrangement, but I'm liking it. This little goodie is setting under my cutting table and easy to add small scraps to. Being clear plastic, the color of fabric in the bags is immediately visible.
Now I just need to make a scrappy string quilt!

The rest of my stash got organized by color and placed in other containers.
Here's my FQ stash:
The quantity is pathetic...I need to go shopping. Some of these pieces aren't even full FQ's. There is another container like this full of 'novelty' fabrics. For example, all of the fruit motif fabric, and fish motif fabric....that sort of thing. I also have another container like this full of 'craft' supplies. Strange things like felt, canvas fabric, etc. And another one with stabilizers and battings.

Just thought I would share my wild and crazy organization frenzy with you!
Have a sew great day!

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