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Monday, December 1, 2014

And the Grand Illusion Begins....!

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt

Step 1 Block
It's that time of year again! When that wonderful mystery begins. The one where you get a new clue on Friday of each week beginning the day after Thanksgiving and continuing on for several weeks until the final reveal. When you get to pick fabulous fabrics and play along. Anticipating what is coming next. Wondering how it will all turn out. But KNOWING it will be FABULOUS!
YES! I'm talking about the infamous Bonnie Hunter, Quiltville annual winter Mystery Quilt!

I chose to stay with the recommended colors this time round since Aqua, Pink and Green are right down my color alley.  However I'm not doing scrappy. Just chose one fabric in each color. Here is what I chose to go with:

Not real pleased with the way the color is showing up in the photo, but you should get a general idea. The yellow is not that vivid and has slight color variation streaks throughout and the pink is really a very pretty shade of pink.
The Aqua/Teal/Blue is a beautiful batik that really does cover all those color ranges. It should play very well in the quilt giving it a little color variety.  The pink has a slight color variation throughout and silver flowers drawn all over, although they are not showing up in the photo. The color variation in the pink shows up more from a distance and I am hoping that holds up in the quilt. Although, in Part/Step 1 the units were cut fairly small. That green is a fabulous print of little swirls made up of dots.  The black is just a solid black; simple, nothing fancy. But the neutral totally rocks my world. Hope you all like it, too. It is a grayish batik with hints of all the other colors in the group faintly visible.  And most fabulous of all, it's pattern design is dragonflies! I am totally in love with this piece of fabric. Must admit that I picked this piece first, then pulled the rest to work with it.
I just know I am going to LOVE this quilt!
Although Part/Step 1 has lots of little units, it is relatively simple consisting of half square triangles made with the Easy Angle Ruler and squares cut from 2.5" strips. Here is a peek at part of the cutting process and the "prototype" first block.
After chaining all 200 of those little HST's together, they make an impressive pile!

Ok, so I was just being silly here, but this is what came off the machine. Much easier to leave them all sewn together like this and string out on the ironing board in a big long banner to press too!
Still have quite a bit of sewing to do, but can probably finish it up today. 

The above picture is the blocks being constructed. You can see some of the HST's in the top left of the photo. Those are the 80 extra's for a later step. It won't take long to zip through this stack.
Here is what's completed so far:
Had some fun stacking these up and laying them out just playing around with them. No idea how these will end up in the quilt, but so far it is a lovely little block.

Hope you enjoyed my little show and tell here. Come back next week for Part 2! And while you are here, brows some of my other older pieces of work. I haven't been good about keeping this blog going and did take off a lot of time this summer when I fell and broke myself. Dumb thing to do, let me tell you! But thankfully, I am able to get back at the machine and getting better every day!  I do have several other projects that should be added to the photos, so I will be adding some other items from time to time.
Enjoyed having you visit here! See you next week for more of the Grand Illusion Mystery.

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