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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bits of Inspiration

The last post was supposed to have included this little bit of beautiful color inspiration, but I got so carried away with the GARDEN update; I decided to do this as a separate post.

After wandering around in the garden taking photos of the squash this morning, I decided to get a couple of flower photos. Mainly, because I still had the camera in my hand when our postal carrier brought the mail, and the little yellow lily's were just bugging me to take their pictures! Yes, they can do that!!! :-)
 I set this photo as X-Large to better get a close up of the center, although it is throwing it a little out of focus. However, look at the shadow thrown by the Anther (little pollen holders). Adding another color into our quilts, is like letting the block 'cast a shadow'. Adding a subtle change that can become dramatic to the overall results.

More shadows from the grasses. Double image with two flowers. Great natural color ideas!

These Snapdragons are an exquisite shade of pink! 
Take a close look at the contrast between the pink flower petal and the green of the leaf in the right center of the picture.

Green on Green....STUNNING
This is one of my favorite Hosta  plants. I love the variegated leaf colors.

And one last photo...uh...maybe two...:-)
This reminds me of a scrappy quilt; does it you?

Less "scrappy", fewer colors, more contrast showing.
Still pretty. 

The only purpose to this blog, was to share some pretty flower photos and maybe some color inspiration. I hope you enjoyed the little tour around my yard. :-)

Have a great weekend! I'll be back next week with the next Barn Block (#3).  See you then!


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