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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Walkin' on Easy Street.....


Oh, YEA, the fun has begun! The Friday after Thanksgiving was THE big day! It signaled the release of  Mystery Clue #1 for the Easy Street Quilt.
Last post, I gave you a sneek peak at my fabrics of choice. That photo, did not include the white, because at the time it was taken, the white had not been purchased.
My taste tends away from the scrappy look, so instead of choosing several whites, I went with just one to go along with the Gray constant in the quilt. So, I guess that means there are actually TWO constants. ?

Anyway, Friday was a VERY productive day and Clue #1 is complete. The following is a series of photos showing progress, starting again with the bulk fabrics.

When Bonnie Hunter did the Introduction for this Mystery Quilt, she chose fabrics in shades of Lime,Turquoise and Purple with Gray being the Constant and Black on White prints for the background. These just happen to be some of my favorite colors, so this time I chose to stay with her color way. The photo below is my stack of colors.

My color choices for the Easy Street Mystery Quilt

 Clue #1 has us Slueths cutting strips from our Gray and White that will eventually become 192
 4-patch units.

Gray and White for Easy Street

 Once enough strips were cut to yield the needed units, they were sewed together....yes it was a big pile of strip units, AND this isn't even all of them!
Gray and White strips sewn together.
 They look a lot better now that they are pressed, don't they? ;-) The strips are now ready to be stacked and cut into the "Twosies" that will make the 4-patch units.

Strip units sewed and ready to cut into 'Twosies'
 Here are some of the pieces stacked/matched and ready to sew. By having the strip units stacked together (as they will be stitched) prior to cutting the 2 inch pieces makes them easy to handle with no matching up needed. Just pick up and sew! Chaining the little 'twosies' had them zipping right along. They were all sewn in what seemed like no time at all.
 Once the units were stitched together, then clipped apart (Yes, I should have taken a photo of that pile too, but didn't. You've seen it before.lol) I sat in front of the TV and did the little seam swirl to get the center seams flat.
Twosies stitched, swirled and pressed.
So here they are, all 192 done and waiting their place in the mix.
Gray-White 4-patch units complete
It will be a long week waiting for the next clue to come out on Friday....twittle, twittle, twittle.........


  1. I love your 4-patches - perfect!

  2. I love seeing what everyone has pulled out for the background and their choice for constant! Thank you for sharing yours, Sharyn