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Saturday, December 14, 2013

One Quick Step Closer

Step/Clue 3 nudged the quilt one quick and easy step closer to fruition.
Usually I take lots of pictures during the progress of the step; but this week it was so easy and quick lots of random photos seemed unnecessary.
Simple and easy Half Square Triangles with half of them turned into Pinwheels.
My method of choice was to use the Easy Angle ruler as demonstrated by Bonnie in the tutorial. Although I did make one group using the "Magic 8" method. It's a quick, easy, and very accurate method. You can find several tutorials and You Tubes for that technique. Just give it a Google. But for those curious now, here is a little diagram that shows stitching lines and cutting lines. To obtain the 2" HST for this clue just start with a 4 3/4 inch square of Orange and Yellow (or whatever colors you may be substituting). Stack them up, mark the diagonals corner to corner and sew 1/4" on either side of both marked lines (stitching shown with dash lines ----). Then measure in from the side 2 3/8" and down from the top 2 3/8". The lines should intersect at the center of the X mark. Cut apart starting with the vertical and horizontal lines drawn last. This produces 4 squares with the double stitch line on the diagonal. Then cut these units apart between the stitches on the first lines drawn. Easy! 
Here are the finished HST's and Pinwheels.
With the holiday season rapidly approaching, I will be behind for at least the next two clues. But don't worry, it will all be worth it because I will be playing with grandkids! And will catch up as soon as possible.
I hope all of you that are making Celtic Solstice are thoroughly enjoying the journey.
See you all in a couple of weeks.

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