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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Peppermint Jingle Bell Cookies rock! (OBMQ Step 5)

 Peppermint Jingle Bell Cookies rock!

This is what I've been up to this week.....
Okay, so it's not sewing, but sure tasts good!
But in my defense, the cookie plate is sitting on one of  the Christmas place mats I made last year. This pattern is called "Tree Time Placemats" from the Fast & Furious quilting as you go book by Gudrun Erla.

For some reason, the cookies did not hold the shape very well. Those are bells, in case you can't tell. lol

The cookies are really easy to make. Just use your favorite cut out Sugar cookie recipe and add 3/4 cup of crushed peppermint candy. And when they come out of the oven, sprinkle a few more pieces of the crushed candy on top. Of course you could ice them and then add the peppermint sprinkles.

It hasn't been just a cooking and eating week. I have been working on sewing projects as well. Mainly the Orca Bay Mystery quilt. I finely got Step 4 completed. I'm going to miss all that pink piled up on my cutting table.   It sure made the room bright and happy!

The pink is all put away now and on to Step 5.

700 is a lot of little triangles to cut, but they go very quickly stacking the strips in groups of 4.

See, here they are all cut, stacked and ready to sew.

All the other step blocks are in the tub.
I just love the way the colors play together!
This is going to be one bright quilt. 

 I love all shades of purples, lavenders, pinks, and greens...especially the chartreuse greens. But if I had to pick a favorite color it would ....on most days....be aqua blue. Funny thing is, I don't own a thing that color. Nothing in my sewing stash, nothing in my closet. Very weird. I need to remedy that next trip to the fabric store!

So, here I go sewing away today with  two of my best sewing buddies keeping me company!

Eeyore fits right in...his colors match the blocks so well, I'll have to be careful and not try to sew him up. LOL He's about half full of Green Tea...that would make a big mess!  Cactus Jack just likes to watch. I can talk to him and he doesn't talk back.

 Well, allrighty then....enough silliness...gonna sit my rear down in the chair and SEW! I want these little buggers done by tomorrow morning.  I have lots of other things to work on this week, too!

Happy Sewing......:-)
Whew! All done...they sure are cute little things all winged up!

They sort of look like a flock of beautiful migrating  butterflies,

or maybe a new unidentified species of bats 

...or not...too much influence
 from the vampire movies for that one....

 maybe a new logo design for a left-wing/right-wing/middle of the road political group... a point here a point there, no points at all.....Naw.... :-)

Well here's how the progress went..... from the start in the picture above with my two sewing buddies  to all sew up and waiting to be pressed here...
to all finished and stacked up on the table ....

 these little  Officially identified Winged HSQT UFO's are anxiously awaiting their destiny!


  1. Looking great! Your color choices are wonderful.
    You have a super sense of humor and it was a fun visit to your blog! Thank you.

  2. I came back for a second visit to look for the baby blankie you wrote about in a comment on my blog, but couldn't find it here. I'll check again next time i visit.
    Merry Christmas!