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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Doesn't this just shout INSPIRATION???

Doesn't this just shout INSPIRATION???
Yesterday just before lunch time, I was diligently working away at the ironing board on the 2" strips for the Orca Bay Mystery quilt when my husband comes in and informs me that right after lunch 'he' wants to burn the brush pile (burn deck as they are called around here).

Okay....that 'he' actually means WE. So right after lunch, off he gos down the hill behind the house to get the fire started. My job is to collect the rakes, shovel and garden hoses and get them all in place if needed. It's a perfect day for this chore with absolutely no wind and the air is nice and nippy cold.

All of my city friends are by now probably saying..."do what?" Well, when you build out in the boonies like we did, it's just a part of life. However, by now you would think we'd have all of the unwanted trees and brush out of the way. Unfortunately, with all the storms winter and summer over the last few years, we have had our share of lost trees and downed limbs. Thus, another big burn pile to deal with.

And by now are you all wondering how all of this relates to today's Blog title, right?  Well,... while wondering around keeping an eye on the burn deck a bright orange 'spot' caught my attention.  I bent over and picked up that beautiful Sycamore leaf in the photo. After twirling it around in my fingers for a moment, I let it drop back to the ground. It landed on top of a pile of dark brown leaves and black dirt making it's color appear all the more stunning. Hum....I think it actually spoke to me and said, "wouldn't you love to snuggle up in a quilt in these colors with me all over it???"  And all the while the leaf is 'speaking' to me, my mind is wondering off to the fabric stash thinking there is a piece of batik just those colors in there...somewhere.

Leaving Mr. B to man the fire (and no we didn't have any hot dogs and marshmallows); I took the leaf  all the way back up to the house and put it safely on the desk in my sewing room.
That's dedication just to retrieve this leaf to walk
around the trees growing out of the rock .....that's where I found the leaf to begin with....

( Yes, that tree is really growing OUT of the rock and not the ground behind it. There are two trees growing out of that rock to be exact. One on each side. )

.... And up the hill to the house....you can see a piece of the roof behind the gazebo...  Got my exercise yesterday!

Anyway, this morning I dug through the stash and pulled out the piece of batik. Unfortunately, it isn't a very large piece of fabric. Thinking I need to do a fabric run and try and find some more like it and pick up some dark browns to got with it, because I really want to do a quilt with that leaf appliqued on it, or at least something with that batik in those colors.

Just the beginnings of an idea...and not sure where to find the time to work on it...but a definite motivation to create!

If this is an inspiration to you, take this idea and run with it.  But, please post a picture, because I would love to see what you come up with. 

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention....I got absolutely NO sewing done yesterday.  By the time we finished outside, cleaned up, cooked and ate dinner, I was totally exhausted. I told my husband this morning that my sewing machine was sitting in there crying because it didn't get turned on at all yesterday! And I think for a brief moment, he actually believed me.

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