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Monday, December 26, 2011


......................well, at least that's what should have been going on all week..............................

But....other things just got in the way...
 Like baking a big batch cookies using Bonnie's recipe.  They do look yummy don't they?  

Did you say COOKIES

What do you mean I don't get one!

*footnote* Mr. B just ate the last cookie tonight!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. 
Our weather was delightful. Not a chance of a "white" Christmas  this year; but we did get up on Christmas Eve to a really heavy frost. Murphy dog had a lot of fun sniffing the air and rolling around on the frozen ground. At least I hope that's all he was rolling around in; but out here you never know what other creatures have been wandering around in the yard.

 I had a really good picture of him rolling in the frost, but somehow managed to permanently delete it. Oh, well.....

Since it was just Mr. B and myself here for Christmas this year, after dinner we went up to the golf course and played a round  or I guess I should say 'played at a round' of golf. It was sunny and 55° by mid afternoon...great weather to be outside. Definitely not typical for this time of year here. We got home around 3 pm and went down to the dock for a few minutes. Of course the fish weren't biting, but it was nice and peaceful. We only stayed there about half an hour.      No sewing at all!

Since the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt Step 6 came out a day early (thank you Bonnie) I thought I would get ahead, but that didn't happen.  I got the center squares all cut out on Thursday, but didn't start sewing on them until Saturday.

Here are the "dark" block units  partially assembled and paired up ready to finish.
They went together quickly done in an assembly line type of sewing.

The units for the "light" blocks are
all piled up in a big mess and patiently
waiting for the assembly line.

Here are some of the finished blocks lined up on the cutting table. This group is a fairly good representation of all the blocks in general. Some of them I really like and some are just so-so.   lol
Mr. B walked by and stuck his head in long enough to say... "oh, that's really pretty". I think he though this was the layout of the finished quilt.
I tried explaining that this went with all the other pieces in the plastic tub in the corner, but he just looked at me like I was speaking some foreign language and walked on into the other room.  Men!
His chair was calling his name....you know how that goes.

Here are a couple of  close ups of  some of my favorite blocks in the group.
 I have plenty of other sewing to do while waiting for next Friday and the next step. I'm down to just needing to add the top and bottom drop on our bed quilt. I had to make 6 additional blocks to finish the drops. But those are done, and all I need to do is sew them all together and on. 
I also have a pair of pj's that are in serious need of new elastic in the waist band. If they weren't so darn comfortable, I'd just throw them away and go buy some new ones. 

And on a side note....someone made a comment a few weeks ago about liking my yellow cutting mat. Well, thank you.  Here's the thing with the yellow mat....When I went youngest daughters for the birth of her 2nd child (a year ago last May) I had to take the Monkey Tummy Time Quilt pieces (for the expected baby) to her house and finish assembling there and on her machine. She did not have a cutting mat at that time so, I bought the yellow Fiskars mat. It was all I could find there at the time as we had not located all the quilt stores in her area ....yet. (I already had a green Olfa and a blue June Taylor Quilting Mate at home.)  Anyway, the yellow mat is GREAT for visuals. It is so much easier for me to see the edges of dark colors  than on the other two mats, that I use it almost exclusively now.   And in the year and half since then, my daughter has taken up quilting and bought her own mat. lol

Have a great week! Hope you get a lot of sewing time. 



  1. Congrats on being up to date with the mystery, I'm still on Clue 5! ... and you baked cookies too :)