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Monday, December 19, 2016

Add A little Love To Your Life...Purple....Lavender

Okay, so I might have gotten a little carried away with  the title for this blog...just be thankful you couldn't hear me singing while I was typing it!

Quiltville Winter Mystery En Provence's Clue 4 is to blame for the musical inspiration! Purples and Lavenders are up there on the top of my happy colors list. And I love the fabric I chose for this years mystery. Hey, I get to keep this one; so of course I picked out what I like! 

This post is going to be short and sweet since the units in this clue (Clue 4) were identical to those in clue 3, just different colors.  I loved seeing the Lavender Labyrinth photos that Bonnie shared in this clue.   If you look closely at the neutral fabric is has lovely circles that I jokingly referred to as crop circles in the original post. Now I think they are white lavender labyrinths! 

Here are the 80 finished units. These should sew up very quickly, but I must admit to having a senior moment with these. When sewing block units, I lay them out by the machine supposedly just as they are to be stitched. This makes it easier to keep it going at a good steady pace and chain stitch away.

Not sure if I got the white center units rotated 90 degrees or if I accidentally switched the left and right wings. Yes, I DO know how these go together. Yes I know how the little clipped corner works with the point and how the point on the other end hangs over making a dog ear. I am NOT a novice quilter.  Not my first rodeo with these rulers and this block. AND  to make it even worse, for clue 2 and clue 4, I went back and reviewed Bonnie's video on how to do these. (Insert big (really big) head BONK here). YET I sewed the wing on the wrong side. I think part of it may be how we see something and the brain says, "oh, yes that's a perfect match"...it was....but it was WRONG! Now if I had only done a couple it wouldn't have been so bad...NOooooo....I did all 80 of them! And pressed them. And didn't realize  SOMETHING wasn't right until about 30 in...yes I really did do that! Lets just say I may have worn out the seam ripper. LOL  I can laugh at it now. Hopefully my little silly goof up will help prevent someone else from making the same mistake. I would love to say I learned my lesson and this will NEVER happen again...seriously....really???? Any of you that really know me are probably laughing till your sides hurt right now! And what does the husband say about all of this??? He says " the difference in you and me is I would find a way to make it work." Yeah, that's called a seam ripper! LOL

After all that it was time for some REAL Lavender to relax! Ok, so part of the thrill of this years mystery for me is tying it to the lavender fields. I really do LOVE lavender...the real thing...not just the color!

I make handcrafted Lavender Soap, use Lavender EO in the diffusers (which also have purple/lavender lights...most of the time I have them rotating colors, but can leave them set to one color if I choose), there is lavender color in one of  my pincushions, and two of my favorite things are the lavender/purple mugs my oldest granddaughter gave me for my birthday and mother's day on two different occasions. Eeyore's fuchsia ears on the tea mug and the bow on his tail on the taller mug. I also use Lavender EO in the bath and mix it with Emu Oil for great skin care.

And all of this talk about lavender and purple brings us to the end of today's post and to my little "Garden Variety Inspiration" post. Well of course it's going to be something PURPLE!  Enjoy!

Have a Sew Fabulous week everyone!


  1. I have found an error, ripped it out and sewn it back the same way! LOL I would love to smell the lavender!

    1. Bummer! My theory is if you don't make mistakes, you are NOT quilting enough. It's bound to happen sometime to everyone. LOL

  2. We are all saying these units are easy, but you are right, mistakes can happen. I admire your perseverance with the ripper.

    1. Thanks. These blocks really are easy, and I love the Tri Recs rulers. It was just one of those airheaded days! LOL

  3. Will the swirls on the fabric inspire your quilting I wonder?

  4. Hum, hadn't thought that far ahead. But that's a good idea. Might use some intersecting circles or spirals of some sort. Thanks for the inspirational nudge. :-)