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Monday, January 2, 2012

Almost There....

Happy New Year Everyone! May your 2012 be filled with health and happiness.

I have decided to take things much easier this year. No hurry, no fuss, no muss, no stress! Yeah, right, we'll see how long I can manage that. But, so far so good. I mean it's already day TWO....so for me that's a good start.

Mr. B and I had a very quiet New Year's Day just chilling out with him watching football and me sewing. Made sure we had our traditional blackeyed peas with dinner and a yummy apple pie.

And, yes that is a bite already missing BEFORE I took the picture.
I couldn't resist any longer.

The worst part is it was too cold and windy to walk after dinner, so that little piece of pie just got to sit there and not get burned off!

Saturday was planned a my major sewing day to end the year 2011. I got a good start on the Orca Bay Mystery quilt Step 7 as you can see here

All was going along great. I got the little "bat wing" pieces all sewn on to the right sides of the string triangles ready to iron. Took the whole group to the ironing board, got about half way through ironing them and my iron decided to bite the dust and me as well. It started leaking and spitting and spewing water and the next think I know, I'm jumping up and down going "ouchie" shaking my hand where it had actually shocked me.  It wasn't a bad shock, but a decent "zap" non the less. It just put a little slow-down to my progress.  I went ahead and added the "bat wing" to the left side of the pieces that were pressed. Then proceeded to cut the white triangles and start sewing on some of those. I worked some on it yesterday as well.
Today started out with a "civilization" run to purchase a new iron! Since we really do live out in the middle of nowhere (to quote my youngest daughter, we live "beyond bumble"...not in bumble mind you, but WAY "beyond bumble") it was a 40 mile ONE WAY drive just to buy an iron. That's why I really do buy so much of my quilting fabrics and notion ONLINE!

Anyway, this is about the extent of my progress on Step 7 so far.
That big pile is the "other half" finally ironed and ready to be cut apart and the left side "bat wing" sewn on.  Hopefully, I can get all of the units finished today and start the final assembling .

It is amazing how fast some people got theirs together.

Hopefully by the last link-up next Monday, my top will be all together and I can have a picture up for you all to see. I really do like the design and hope this finishes out as pretty as I think it will.

So, until next posting....lets all get 2012 rockin' and rollin'!


  1. why do those irons always run out just when you need them?! Mine last 2 years tops and I am less than 5 miles to 2 Targets but it is still a pain to have to run out. Love the dark blue on your hsts- keep going!

  2. Ooooo! Looking good! These will be gorgeous in the quilt...Can't wait to see them all together!
    For your new iron, try just using it dry and keep a spray bottle handy for steam...I bet it will last longer. : )

  3. Sara, the iron would last a LOT longer if it would quit jumping off the ironing board and diving into the floor! lol
    Thanks for the nice comments on the quilt.

  4. Hi Kathy! Saw you on Pat's FB page and I've tried joining your blog!