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Saturday, January 28, 2012

One more box

I just love the fabric boxes! They are easy and a lot of fun to make; as well as being a good way to use up some fabric buried deep in the stash that might otherwise never see the light of day.
Here is my latest box creation in shades of lavender and polka dots.
This is the Medium Fabric Box from the Fast & Furious Family  quilting as you go book by Gudrun Erla. Calling this "medium" in size is questionable since it measures 8"x15"X10". That doesn't sound very big, but  it is definitely a good size box.

I made this box and the Large Box (see previous post) for use in my sewing room to house my QWIP's (quilt works in progress). With handles on either side, they are easy enough to move around from place to place.

These are excellent storage boxes for kids rooms for toys, or for closet shelves. (I can just envision one of these boxes in the closet filled with socks, or sweaters, etc.) Color coordinate them to match a rooms decor for a functional accent piece. Place one in the trunk of your car to hold small items when shopping. The uses are only as limited as your imagination.

I have fabric picked out now to make the smaller one which can hold sewing notions, thread, etc. :-)
Keep watching....it will show up on a post here eventually....LOL :-)

Have a great weekend, and hopefully that will include some sewing!

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