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Friday, January 27, 2012

One project completed...a Zillion to go.....

These two little floor pillows have taken way too long to get completed....after all they were supposed to be a fairly simple project. And there is still one to go!
The first challenge was finding pillow forms the right size.
Then it was waiting for them to go on sale! Those things are not cheap!
Once the forms were obtained....thanks to my friend Michelle, who caught the sale and picked them up for me.....it should have been a simple next step.
Changed my mind as to design and construction.
Then changed it again and decided to ADD the red strips ....FORGOT to deduct this extra 2 inches the red strips added from the total length!
 Didn't realize that until I started to put the backs on....AFTER already attaching the cording to the front pieces. Yes, you read that right...pieces....plural....both of them....rip, rip, rip, rip.................
Yeah, attaching the cording to the front was supposed to make it easier to handle when sandwiching the pieces together. You know, to avoid slippage, secure the corners for a better fit, etc. All of this was probably for the best anyway. Because after taking the cording off, removing an inch from top and bottom and re-adjusting the cording piece to fit, I decided to round the corners. That cording is fairly large and just did not make a pretty corner. At least I couldn't make it make a pretty corner. That's probably more accurate. The curved corners are a nice effect  don't you think? . And no square corners to poke the little boys in the eyes when they decide to have a pillow fight, right? :-)
Anyway, they finally turned out really cute. I  have one more to make for a granddaughter but need some additional fabric to finish it off. She gets ruffles instead of the cording. Just thought the ruffles would be more girlish. Then there are all the rest of the grandkids that need something....have to keep it fair after all. Most likely, they are just getting a cute monogrammed pillow case. Those should go well. Uh, huh....I heard that. LOL
Well, here are the long awaited pictures...front and back of course:

The pillow forms are 24"X24".
That is a good size for a child's floor pillow.
The boys love their cars!
They also like to snitch their mother's pillow off the couch to lay in the floor and read their books or watch their favorite movie.
These will be perfect for "pajama day".

Not sure how well it shows up in the photo, but there is a fold over flap on the back top of the pillows that covers the zipper. This way the covers can be easily removed for washing. Or to change them to another theme such as during the holidays or for special occasions like their birthdays. Their mother has thought up lots of variations for the pillows. Good thing she has a sewing machine and knows how to use it!

Well, that's it for this post. Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend with lots of sewing projects to keep you company.


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