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Monday, December 10, 2012

A 'Beach Blanket' Quilt

With all the activities going on around here at Beachwood Cottage it was a streatch to get this project started let alone completed. (Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, golfing, fishing, visiting with friends, chatting with friends online....amazing what all can get done during the holidays.)
 But here it is:
David's birthday "Beach Blanket" quilt.
When we were visiting our daughter and son-in-law and grand children last year, my SIL reminded me that I had made quilts for everyone but him. LOL So...using fabrics in my stash and some left over from two of his boys tummy-time quilts, I put this together just for him.
They live on the island of Martinique and go to the beach often. I guess he really does NEED a beach blanket.

And since this is a "beach blanket", it seemed only appropriate that it be quilted accordingly. So, in an effort to make it look cool (and expedite the process) it is quilted with a simple 'ocean wave-ish' design. Ok, so I got lazy and just did big cursive "C" swirly things....It is quilted with a varigated white to navy blue colored thread. It shows up better on the back, so here is a close-up of  the quilting on the back side of the quilt.

This quilt was a lot of fun to make. The challenge was in finding pieces of fabric in the stash in large enough quantity and close to the right color to make the squares. I made one big decision that effected the entire look by going with a brown and dark yellow instead of using a light yellow that I had originally intended to use. Two points here....First that light yellow that I chose NOT to use was a very pretty floral and made the quilt stand out vividly...very bright. Point Two...this is for a guy...no frilly girly fabrics allowed (lol) and NO big bright quilt wanted.  SO....I chose to use the brown which although is a little dark for it's placement, did tone down the 'brightness' and give the quilt a more masculine look. Goal accomplished.
This photo shows the blocks close-up...the red/yellow/orange fabric is a coral design, as is the two-tone yellow next to the center. The blue close to the center is a fish and seaweed pring and the bright blue next to the dark blue outter edge is also a fish and seaweed print.
So, now it's off to get this in the mail......
Until next time....

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  1. I think you did a great job on the beach blanket. I like the colors and quilting too. Lucky guy.