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Monday, December 17, 2012

Relaxing on Easy Street...

Right! Relaxing....HA! It has been so crazy busy around here lately, I'm making lists and checking them twice and then twice again just to make sure something hasn't been overlooked or just plain forgotten!  No, seriously, I have three lists going today.

Sewing has been very limited. But I did manage to finally get around to working on Clue/Step #4 for the Easy Street Mystery on Sunday. I know, I know....the clue came out on Friday! Wow, that's a big time delay. But we had a dinner party on Saturday, so guess the delay was worth it. :-) (Oh, yeah and I also whipped out a table runner (to match my Christmas place mats) after dinner on Friday night to go on the table for Saturday's dinner party. WHEW!)

The mystery clue/step 4 was an easy one this week (good thing, too or I might never have managed to get it done). Much the same as previous Step 2. Then half of the Step 2 flying geese units and the new Step 4 flying geese units were combined to make a cute little square.
The Clue/Step 4 units were made using 2" strips of the purples and turquoise fabrics and those wonderful rulers: Easy Angle and Companion Angle. The picture above shows part of the cutting process and pairing up of the geese and wings. (Fabrics are stacked so you are only seeing the top color.)
Here we go, setting the first wing.
Once the first wing was attached, the units were pressed then the second wing was sewn in place.
The pieces fit together beautifully. I think we might be giving a new meaning to the hardware term "wing nut". Yes, I think I am becomming a "wing nut". :-)

After all of the 64 purple and turquoise flying geese were made, it was time to pair them up with their Step 2  "cousins" made using purple and black on white fabrics.

Because I am using a limited amount of fabrics of each color, and not going too scrappy, it was necessary to "play" around with PLACE the fabrics so as not to get two purple geese of the same color in the combined blocks.

The new purple and turquoise winged geese were attached to the bottom of the Step 2 white winged geese. The above photo shows the units being stitched together. See that little thread X on the purple flying geese section? That is where the stitch needs to track to make a good point.

It didn't take too long to get the 64 units stitched together. Here they are all stacked up, laid out, or whatever you want to call it...for their "TA-DA" photo.
They look so much better in real life than in the photos! I really love these colors and how they are "playing" together.

The additional step for this week was to go ahead and cut our green into 145  3.5" squares. A quick and easy process.  Well supposed to be...SHOULD be! But when I started to stack them up, two my little stacks (6 squares all totaled) were NOT square. Some how I had managed to miss cut and they were 3.25. Go figure. So, back to the cutting board....those 6 boo-boo's will eventually get used up somewhere in something. LOL Just proves I need to pay closer attention!!!!
Anyway, here's the greens all stacked up for the camera.
Due to the upcoming Holiday's, family and personal obligations, I am telling you now that I will be running behind on the mystery quilt and probably not publishing any linkups until mid January. Hopefully I will be able to follow along and see how its going. I will FOR SURE be back in the 'game' and catching up as soon as possible. I love doing Bonnie's mysteries!

May you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. Your units look amazing! I have been really busy myself, and am surprised I have been able to keep up with this mystery! Best wishes!

  2. You can only do what you can, catch up later. Looking pretty good so far. Love the batiks you are using.

  3. Your batiks are just beautiful and they play so well together! Bonnie said it would get easier the closer to Christmas we get, so I'm guessing that Friday's clue will be fairly easy. Happy Sewing!

  4. Your Easy Street is looking great! (I printed the instructions but am too chicken to do a mystery quilt...besides no time.)